Late last year, Swarg Community and Happy Faces Vadodara organised a talent hunt program for special children. A platform was given to the specially-abled children to showcase and unleash their talent through entertainment.

The invitation to participate in the Special Need Talent Hunt was sent to many special schools in Vadodara, and Simar Integrated Special School was one of them.

About Simar Integrated Special School

Simar Integrated Special School is a unique home schooling concept by Vision Public Charitable Trust. It empowers specially-abled children to lead a successful life by harnessing their talent.

As a volunteer of Vision Public Charitable Trust, I got the opportunity to work with the teachers and students of Simar Integrated Special School. We believe that every child is born with unique talents and abilities, and it is our collective responsibility to support them to nurture the same.  

More than 200 children from nearly 20 special education institutions participated in the audition round. Among those, 20 were from Simar Integrated Special School. With a lot of fun and enthusiasm, our students performed in various activities like poetry recitation, singing, and dancing.

The school staff, parents, and volunteers made unparalleled efforts to prepare for the audition from sourcing the ideas, to relentless practice sessions, to finding the relevant outfits. Our students showcased a cohesive, inclusive culture and diversity of India, even in their dresses, like a Lungi from southern India region, Dastar (sacred Turban in Sikh religion) representing the north, channa choli from Gujarat (West India), and even modern-day western dresses.

3 students from our 20 awe-inspiring performances were selected for the final competition round scheduled a week later. All of us were extremely pleased and proud to see the achievement of our special students. All the finalists were divided into three groups based on their age. The competition was fierce, the passionate performances, the excellence of each and every one was literally jaw-dropping. While we were not able to bag the top prizes, one of our charming students got a special callout and a special prize for his outstanding, loveable, and cherishable dance performance on Punjabi songs, which left everyone in the audience mesmerised.

The whole event and experiences were truly special to everyone and more so for our special students. We later organised a Garba dance night to celebrate the participation and success of our students. Trophies and gifts were distributed to recognise the efforts of everyone involved.

When I am penning down this experience and recalling those events to share it with you all, I am having a feeling of gratitude and happiness. I feel proud that I could be part of the journey of our special students. Any of this would not have been possible without their dedication, enthusiasm, and passion.

We all are blessed with talents; we just have to nourish it. Sometimes we need that push, that guidance and I cannot be more proud that Simar Integrated Special School is doing just that for specially-abled children.

About Me

Gurneet Kaur

Hi, my name is Gurneet Kaur, I am a proud & happy homeschooler. I am an active volunteer of the Vision Public Charitable Trust.

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  1. First I would like to be thankful to this NGO as they have given me an opportunity to provide healthy tips for their students.
    They really care for future generation and I must appreciate their home schooling concept where children are learning beyond the classrooms.
    All the best 👍

  2. Hi, my name is dhwani arora. I am an active volunteer of vision public trust and also a proud and grateful homeschooler

  3. This blog is a heartwarming account of a talent hunt program for specially-abled children organized by Swarg Community and Happy Faces Vadodara. The efforts of Simar Integrated Special School, Vision Public Charitable Trust, and all the volunteers involved in nurturing the unique talents of these children are truly inspiring. The blog highlights the importance of providing equal opportunities and support to specially-abled children, and how it can help them achieve their full potential. It’s a wonderful reminder of the power of inclusivity and the impact it can have on the lives of these children.

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