Simar Integrated Special School

( ADHD, Down Syndrome, Autism and Slow Learners)

It is a unique schooling concept of Vision Public Charitable Trust where our specially abled children are schooled with other students in small groups.

The aim of this concept is to sanitise the society about specially abled students and moreover develop the feeling of equality among them. Inclusive education is one of aim of new education policy 2020.

What we do

We have a core team comprising of special educators, shadow teachers, psychologists, education psychologist and subject teachers for secondary and senior secondary education.

Special students are schooled at par with other students in smaller groups of max 15 in a classroom. Special students are then prepared to appear for vocational subjects after carefully assessing to best of their abilities.

our impact

We are proud to share that more than 100 special students have benefitted from our initiative. We will continue to invest heavily in this initiative to bring sense of belonging and equality in our society.

contact us

If you would like contribute or volunteer or enrol in this initiative, feel free to contact us or connect to us via social media.