Autism Research Center

Autism is increasing at a very rapid pace in India. Cause, reasons and symptoms of autism are still not known and moreover autistic children behaves differently at various stages.

Under Autism Research, we aim to encourage the study of autism from all aspects and angles with the objective of early diagnosis and appropriate treatment with parents participation

What we do

Autism Research Center aims at promoting Research in Autism as Autism is still unexplored and still the reasons are not known. Moreover every autistic child behaves differently and an early intervention is still a big challenge and it’s increasing at alarming rate.

We invite and encourage educators, parents and students for undergoing Research in Autism for better understanding the rising Problem.

We also facilitate discussion forums under our council for Autism to share and acquire knowledge of different behaviours and allied aspects.

our impact

We have conducted more than 50 awareness seminars and we are proud that we many parents and students have joined and benefited from our programs.

contact us

If you know someone who needs help or would like participate, contribute or volunteer, please contact us or connect to us via social media.