Manufacturing & distribution of Sanitary Pads

We make sanitary pads out of old worn out donated clothes for free distribution in slum areas.

Approximately 25 million girls add up to the age of 12 every year and they still use sand pits, dry leaves, newspaper etc. during their painful menstruation cycle and many other unhygienic methods.

why this is important to us

Poor women, especially in rural areas struggle to manage their menstruation time every month with safety and hygiene. There is a serious lack of awareness about menstrual health, hygiene and the long-term health complications arising from not adopting safe and hygienic means. Most often the lack of means, rudimentary mindset around them and lack of awareness forces them to use sand pits, dry leaves, newspaper etc. We aim to eradicate these unhygienic means and empower poor women to lead a healthy life with pride.

What we do

We spread awareness about these issues and encourage people with means to donate their worn out clothes. We then make disposable sanitary pads with the cotton clothes at our center. We follow a strict process of sorting the right material, wash and dry them before they are wrapped it individual packs to use.

We distribute these handmade and hygienic sanitary pads to the poor in slum areas and raise aware at the same time on a regular basis.

our impact

Vision public charitable trust is prod to takes this initiative forward, we distributed more than 5000 such sanitary pads across slum areas in Vadodara and organised awareness meetings among the most backward communities all across the state.

You can be a part of it

You can contribute and part of this noble cause. You can volunteer to help us distribute, or you can also donate clothes, or even join us to make these.

contact us

If you would like contribute or volunteer or sponsor, feel free to contact us or connect to us via social media.